The Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Principles

Company aims to reduce unproductive and unnecessary tasks, behaviors in the work environment, activities by implementing strategies, techniques and initiatives is the process of lean manufacturing. Every organization is currently facing challenges to be able to keep their efficiency due to political and economy situation affecting all nations.

Company competitiveness, target boost, operational cost reduces can be achieved in lean manufacturing. Transportation, over production, scrap and defects, inventory, waiting, motion and over processing are “seven of waste” within the work environment are not totally eliminated but to alleviate them.

These are advantages of adopting lean manufacturing principles

By implementing lean manufacturing strategies and techniques, manufacturing time identified by lean manufacturing experts can be reduced.

Laborer wages, operational cost incurred from the use of energy ill significantly reduced when the manufacturing lead time is lowered. Generate savings from lower costs, widen their margins, increase earnings can helped by lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing effectively and clearly exhibit working space which is one of basic and primary factors that keep operations business going. By adopting effective and good lean manufacturing strategies and techniques, human resources and labor experts can estimate 5% to 30% of company physical floor space.

Perhaps your thought says the figures are miniscule and small, in fact that will significantly contribute to more savings and more efficiency. All companies will surely look after this kind of advantage. The manufacturing productivity can be increased as much as 75 percent to 125 percent in general if companies adhering and implementing to lean manufacturing practices.

The principle of Lean manufacturing processes is to target time and efforts.

Worker can be helped to do their tasks with much comfort and smooth pacing by elimination disturbing and unnecessary objects in the work place, practice, behavior and wastes. Lean manufacturing is necessary for companies to be able to achieve maximized productivity when workers work without any interruptions and distractions.

To profit relationships is the advantages in terms of waste.

To efficiently and gradually help raise up and boost earning and profits in companies is by reduction and elimination of wastes. The Company and its personnel can be helped by focus on demands and requirement of the customers if elimination unproductive activities and wastes, behaviors, tasks and objects in the work place. Sales will surely rise when customer satisfaction is achieved, that is the advantage of it. To improve services and the product offered to the customers can be established by a good relationship with them.

To achieve a good client or customer relations can be helped by lean manufacturing.

Lean structuring, rationalized and streamlined of the organization is another advantage of adopting lean manufacturing techniques among various companies. To help companies reduce labor costs and lead to generate savings eventually can be helped the elimination unnecessary and excess job positions. The Companies that adopting and practicing lean manufacturing surely brings that advantage of leanness upon organizations.

Culture Improvement Advantage

The conflicts, issues and problems within various companies around the world are caused by implementing and practicing different cultures. The cultures are standardized in lean manufacturing therefore in not eliminated unfavorable behaviors and practices of both management and the employees can be reduced.

Lean manufacturing makes the difference between personnel and management reach to a verging point in term of cultures adopted by companies which is the greatest advantage by companies who adopted lean manufacturing in terms of cultures.

Thus companies should really implement lean manufacturing companies in order to gain its advantages.

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