Six Sigma of Lean Manufacturing

Six Sigma

Tools or philosophies which help a company to eliminate wastefulness in any types of industry and any manufacturing company are both six sigma and lean manufacturing. Regarding companies’ profitability and efficiency, more and more companies face challenges since processes advances, needs intensifying and changing of times. Without putting much stress on a firm’s resources and energy both six sigma and lean manufacturing introduce solutions to these dilemmas.

Lean manufacturing

In the reduction of waste and the streamlining of operations, lean manufacturing has been proven to significantly help them. The seven wasted namely overproduction, waiting time, transportation, inappropriate processing, unnecessary inventory, defects and excess motion are the reductions that lean manufacturing welcomes the concept of continuously raising the value added to them.

Lean manufacturing advantages:

  • Lean manufacturing make production process stronger
  • The chain of wasteful resources and activities can significantly be lowered.
  • Lean manufacturing improve layouts to increase flexibility
  • Inventory and floor spaces needs can dramatically reduced by lean manufacturing
  • Up to date and appropriate delivery systems are introduced and implemented by lean manufacturing.

Six Sigma

Just like lean manufacturing, the six sigma management philosophies are adjusted to reduce waste, but it is more concentrated on eliminating waste linked with equipment defects or production method. To improve and develop a company’s system and products via the consolidation of statistical data, business and engineering, lean manufacturing firms use the tools under six sigma. Any form of organization or company who engaged in production industries, sales, marketing or services can apply six sigma as well as lean manufacturing.

The Six Sigma management tools deliver some advantages:

  • A firm’s products and system can be improved by six sigma.
  • The chain of wasted can be reduced by six sigma.
  • Self-finance methods can be reduced around 50 percent.
  • The changing of customer’s tastes can easily be adapted.
  • The available internal resource can be used to drive company’s growth.

Six sigma and lean manufacturing philosophies ensure that no energy, no time is wasted in any of the processing level thus help company dramatically increase their productivity by around 75 to 120 percent. In another words, six sigma and lean manufacturing can put a stop to problems even before they occur. To be able to overcome with the fast changing times, companies need a vigilant approach to businesses. It’s not bad to try something that is relatively new even some system have worked for the company for decades in order to be so much better at delivering positive results.

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