Lean Management Principles

lean management principles We Can Actually Apply Toyota Lean Principles to Improve Our Individual Performance Toyota, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, uses a unique system in their company. It’s called toyota lean principles. This principle increases the production efficiency by reducing the waste produced from the process, as well as lower the energy. In short, [...]

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Lean Manufacturing Print Industry

lean manufacturing print industry
The Set Back in the Print Industry Change can be difficult for some industry sectors. This is certainly true for the lean manufacturing print industry. Well, actually [...]

Lean Manufacturing Certification

Lean Manufacturing Certification
Lean Manufacturing Certification becomes very popular around the world. There are various issues especially on the profit and the competitiveness of the companies. Although, [...]

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping
Business processes are similar to a river flowing in a natural direction and carrying information from point A to point B. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is one of the techniques [...]

The Toyota Lean Manufacturing System

Toyota Production System
In Japan, the Toyota lean manufacturing system is referencing system of the standard lean manufacturing. The Toyota Production System (TPS) in Japan was already evolved from [...]

The Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Principles
Company aims to reduce unproductive and unnecessary tasks, behaviors in the work environment, activities by implementing strategies, techniques and initiatives is the process [...]

Six Sigma of Lean Manufacturing

Six Sigma
Tools or philosophies which help a company to eliminate wastefulness in any types of industry and any manufacturing company are both six sigma and lean manufacturing. [...]