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manufactured home door locks

5 Types of Keyless Door Locks To Give Extra Protection To Your Mobile Home

Installing a keyless door lock for a mobile home is a perfect option to keep it secure, especially if you have to leave the house. Nowadays, there are several manufactured home door locks you can apply. Learn the types of keyless door locks below before deciding the best one to use.

Touchscreen Keyless Door Locks

Like the name of the product, you have to touch the screen to lock or unlock the door. The benefit of using this lock is that you don’t need to worry about carrying your key anywhere you go. It is also hard to break because you have to enter the correct code on the touchscreen to get access.

Digital Deadbolt Door Locks

Digital deadbolt door locks are another simple product to protect your house. It is the advanced version of the traditional deadbolt door locks. The difference between the traditional version and the digital version is on the digital features. That’s why it is also known as a digital smart door lock. You can control the lock by using a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. You can do so many things, including lock and unlock the deadbolt, check who uses the lock, and even change the code.

Smart-code Keypad Deadbolts

It is known as an electronic smart door lock because the manufacturers support this product with an electronic keypad and a deadbolt. Some mobile house owners choose this lock because it is easy to install, program and use. As a result, you will get easier access and a maximum-security system for your mobile home.

Fingerprint Door Lock

A fingerprint door lock is an option for mobile homeowners who don’t want to get confused with carrying a key or even remembering a code. You only have to use your fingerprint to lock or unlock the door. Imagine that you are the key to the door. Indeed, you will not forget about the key or code because you always bring it. You can check mobile home door locks home depot to the more information about the fingerprint door lock price and its specifications.

Biometric Door Lock

A bio-metric door lock system uses a thermal or optical scanner to store fingerprints to unlock a door. You still have to input a PIN if the system recognizes you as the authorized user. It gives you extra protection than a fingerprint door lock.

The point is that applying a digital WiFi door lock is not only giving extra protection but also simpler access to your mobile home. Modular home door locks are even great because you can connect them with other devices, such as your smartphone to control the door faster and easier.

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