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lean project management

The Way to Understand the Lean Project Management by Reading the Seventh Edition of Effective Project Management

The seventh edition of Effective Project Management is trying to explain the latest lean project management. It explains some fundamental changes in the project known as the lean six sigma. You will learn more about how to apply the latest tools and also methods for project management in this book. This is also a book that gives you a deeper understanding of the PMBOK Guide.

The interesting understanding is that the lean project management methodology is not the solution to all problems. Instead of using this methodology as a solution, this book triggers you to think, review, analyze, and select the most suitable project management approach based on the project. As a result, each of the projects is handled by a different type of lean project management.

The seventh edition of Effective Project Management is designed for trainers and educators. Moreover, this book is also a suitable guide for project managers who want to learn a practical way to use lean project management maximally and effectively.

You can learn some important things from this book. First, PMBOK is one of the most important guides for trainers, educators, and project managers. This edition tries to give an in-depth understanding of the PMBOK process groups as well as the practical application in real situations. Second, another important thing is a TPM project. When you read this book, you will learn the best way to scope, to plan, launch, to monitor, to control, as well as to close a TPM project. Third, while using lean project management tools, you will deal with the complex and uncertain PM landscape. It seems that you can’t solve it because you can’t find the theory. This book is about to reveal some effective techniques that you can apply to solve those complex and uncertain PM landscapes. Fourth, you also have to apply a variety of PMLC models while running lean project management. Decide whether you have to apply a linear, incremental, iterative, adaptive, and extreme models. It makes you get confused sometimes and this book guides you to know the difference between each of the PMLC models. The comparison is written in a brief explanation so you can decide the model you have to apply right away. Fifth, there is a case that you have to choose the best strategy to prevent and make an intervention, especially for distressed projects. This book will explain about those strategies.

This book is a great reference for those who want to apply the agile project management where you can learn the way to organize multiple team projects and managing the improvement. Another tool you can use is lean project management kanban and it is a good reference to understand the ways to strengthen the management process of an enterprise project portfolio.

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