Lean Production System

lean production system

The Steps on Lean Production System

Have you ever heard of the lean production system? However, the meaning of the term to each person might be different from one to another. More than anything, the general term can be defined in several steps. At some point, you may also see the Kanban approach in this system.

When you want to apply this kind of system, you need to follow these steps. Some manufacturers also provide advanced models for sequencing to get the maximum result.

Eliminating waste

The most basic principle of this system is eliminating waste. You need to identify any waste activity so you can find the most effective way to give higher value to the product line of your company. Using the design and analysis of lean production systems would help for sure.

Cut Off Unnecessary Inventory

Without an excellent production and inventory management, the maintaining cost could increase. On the other hand, this thing could outweigh the potential profits without you realize it in the first place. This is why you need to find out which inventory that needs to be reduced. In many cases, the obsolete inventory is the culprit. When you will implement the system, this aspect needs to be optimized in the first place.

Speed up production cycles

You need to make research to find out which cycles need to be sped up. Feel free to incorporate the technology at the most. At this point, implementing strategic planning and marketing would be helping as well.

Boost the response time

It is important to meet market requirements. However, it will be an obstacle if the environment does not support fast response time. In this case, you may need to develop a new system that helps to responsively react to market changes. It is essential to improve the response time to be on top of the game.

Ensure the quality test

Shop-floor planning is also essential. Before you distribute the product, it is essential to quality-check each of them. Make sure the system is advanced enough so you can run the process in a short time. If applicable, you better establish a system that could identify any error or issue at the earlier stage. Once the improvements or corrections are done, you should go forward immediately.

Those steps would work well if you also combine the autonomy of employees, customer feedback, and making suppliers as your partners. Still, you need to create the most suitable advanced models for sequencing in your manufacturer.

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