Lean Manufacturing Print Industry

lean manufacturing print industry

The Set Back in the Print Industry

Change can be difficult for some industry sectors. This is certainly true for the lean manufacturing print industry. Well, actually almost all the industries available in the world cannot take changes as gracefully as they are supposed to. Why industries as well as people working in these industries are cannot embrace the arrival of changes? The answer is because these companies and the people in it has been to accustomed to their patterns of working that they find it difficult to have to adjust to the new methods and systems. They do not realize that by doing this, they will not be able to progress, both operationally and culturally.

The Advancement of the Lean Manufacturing Print Industry

For many years, we have seen the significant growth of the lean manufacturing print industry. Lean was becoming a great alternative because it has the ability to cut the unnecessary costs and also reduce the waste of the production. The cost was cut down because lean can be an alternative to improve the efficiency of the operational, and therefore, the income will be so much higher. We saw that there are significant changes in the momentum around the lean tools and also their initiatives.

The Failure of the Lean

Even there are success stories in the lean manufacturing print industry, many people realize that lean will not be able to survive in the print company. This can be because lean is not fully developed. People see leans as the tools to improve efficiencies, however, they do not realize that lean can be developed to their truly potential which is more than just a set of tools. Lean is the principles behind the set of tools. Lean was not supposed to be developed as a program that can be sold by consultants, but it is supposed to be something that has logical, realistic and responsive fundamentals in the business challenge.

The Reasons of the Failure

There are so many reasons behind the failure of the lean, some of which are:

  • Many people who are running the industry is afraid of having to change into something that they do not know about or at least, know very little about.
  • Many people and industry are afraid that by changing into something new, they will lose their true identity.
  • As people are afraid to move away from their comfort zone, in this case, they are afraid that they will lose their ground and fail because of trying.
  • It is true that old habit die hard, let alone having to change to a newer habit.

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