Lean Management Principles

lean management principles

We Can Actually Apply Toyota Lean Principles to Improve Our Individual Performance

Toyota, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, uses a unique system in their company. It’s called toyota lean principles. This principle increases the production efficiency by reducing the waste produced from the process, as well as lower the energy. In short, this is the secret of their success. Now, here is a question. Can we also implement this principle to ourselves and our work? And, what will happen if we can do lean operations principles correctly?

There is a book, titled A Factory of One by Daniel Markovitz. This book content tells you the information and story in detail about the toyota production system principles. The most interesting part is how this principle can be applied to an individual. A principle designed for the factory and production system can also be used for the individual. And, the purpose of this method is the same. It is done to improve individual performance.

What kind of result we can get from this practice? By using lean management principles, you can manage how you work and utilize your ability optimally. As mentioned above, the essence of this principle is reducing the unnecessary thing and boosts the necessary thing. As for the individual, it means you will be able to find what is your true weakness and strength. Then, you apply the correct approach for them based on the principles of lean management.

Mostly, this method focuses on changing your mindset. This is the most important part of improving your performance. If you have the correct mindset, you will have a calmer mind. That means you can focus on the correct things when you do your job. The result is a more effective method to finish your job. If you work where you meet customers, the lean production principles can help you to provide information or anything that customers need. So, it also affects their satisfaction level.

Now, you know how beneficial applying the fundamental principles of lean manufacturing to an individual is. If every person in your company uses this principle, you can imagine how big the effect on your company. It boosts your company growth speed and gives many good things for your company’s future. And, you can always read Factory of One book, if you want to know more about lean product development principles and how to apply it to individual. The book reveals the secret of this principle and how to use it. So, it’s worth information to get.

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