Lean Project Management

lean project management The Way to Understand the Lean Project Management by Reading the Seventh Edition of Effective Project Management The seventh edition of Effective Project Management is trying to explain the latest lean project management. It explains some fundamental changes in the project known as the lean six sigma. You will learn more about how to apply the latest [...]

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Lean Efficiency Basics

lean efficiency basics
The Application of the Lean Efficiency Basics for the Healthcare Industry Getting the information regarding to the lean efficiency basics can be something essential for any [...]

Lean Manufacturing Tools

The Handy Guide from the “Lean Sigma Pocket Toolbook” Dealing with the proper lean manufacturing tools might be something essential for many of you. For sure, it is [...]

Lean Manufacturing Software

Lean Manufacturing Software
Improve the Productivity with Lean Manufacturing Software This is the time for IT. This technology has used in many sectors and industry. To improve the productivity, [...]

Six Sigma Courses

Six Sigma Courses
Problems of business management are the lack of ability to understand and manage the project. Therefore, six sigma courses offer training systems that can make a novice [...]

Lean Manufacturing Print Industry

lean manufacturing print industry
The Set Back in the Print Industry Change can be difficult for some industry sectors. This is certainly true for the lean manufacturing print industry. Well, actually [...]

Lean Manufacturing Certification

Lean Manufacturing Certification
Lean Manufacturing Certification becomes very popular around the world. There are various issues especially on the profit and the competitiveness of the companies. Although, [...]